Sole Remaining HeirMature

Emily Rose has just inherited a fortune from the mother she never knew she had. Now, along with the eliviated status, she has a jealous aunt to contend with and the weight of a title to avoid. It's everything a girl would want, right? Well, not for the Oxford Philosophy student.

This is my last will and testament, containing the final address of my companions, with a full knowledge of the assets I posses. Of sound mind but unsound body, close to cancerous deterioration now, I give my dresses and my jewels to my sister, Lady Cassidy Hawthorn, to do with so as she wishes. Though she may sell them, my one certain wish is that she keep such property in our class; my pride and joy is worth more than money. To my lady’s companion, Litti Brook, I give five hundred pounds and freedom from service in the hope that she will save it to begin the life of secretarial studies that she has dreamt of.

My personal property, portable and otherwise, I give to my family, distant and also those close to my heart, despite their rarity; I have little to give in this matter, but I wish for it to be shared alike. I make my uncle, Marquis of Doncaster, executor over those who wish for a share in said portable property, and hope that he uses his intellect to make proceedings between the gentry a fair process. When I die I have little else to request than I be buried, not beside my mother or father, the late Lord and Lady DeStanlia, but at the Oratory church of Saint Anne’s College, in the Parish of Oxford.

As one final amendment, lately of the twenty-seventh of March two-thousand-and-twelve, added without witnesses to this final will of mine, I, Lady Mairim DeStanlia, leave my estate and those possessions within it not the aforementioned, to my sole remaining heir, Emily Rose Sumnor.

The End

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