Missing (Part 2)Mature

Chapter 3 - Missing (Part 2)

      Lady Drusilla placed her hands on her lap and tried her hardest not to tremble. She dreaded looking at it. She feared the answer to her question but she had to. She glanced at the grandfather clock and bit her lip.    

     Eleven forty-eight.

     She rose from her chair and made her way out of her boudoir. She tried to keep her face as calm as she possibly could  but even her so called skill has its limits.  As the seconds passed, her pace quickened until she could bear it no more. She ran as fast as she could to her daughter’s room. She stopped when she was inches away from the door. Her hands finally trembled. Sweat began to drip from her forehead as she knocked.

     “Camille. Camille, darling. Are you back?” The silence was the only response she received. She knocked continuously.

     “Camille! Camille! Please... come out. You and I will go tomorrow to Miss Ally. She will make you a beautiful dress! You can design it yourself if you wish! A-And... After that we can attend Lady Irene’s concert. I-I shall get us the... the best...” She found herself unable to finish. Tears fell from her brown eyes and she started sobbing.

     Drusilla’s eyes widened at the sound of heels clicking against the marble floor. Smiling, she quickly turned around. But the smile disappeared when she saw her eldest daughter standing before her. Briana’s left eyebrow rose.

     “What is wrong, mother?” she asked.

     Drusilla’s tears continued to fall as she replied, “Do you happen to know where your younger sister is?”

     Briana shook her head. “Why mother? Is Cassandra not in her room? “ Drusilla bit her lip and kept herself from sobbing.

     “Whe-When was the last time you s-saw her?”

     Briana pondered for a moment. She turned around and walked away from her mother.

      “So it seems like the letter I received is not a prank.”

     Drusilla chased after her daughter and placed a hand on her shoulder. She noticed that they were trembling.

     “You... you received one, too?” Briana nodded. “W-What did the letter contain?” Briana faced her mother with tears brimming her eyes. Drusilla can’t help but gasp. Her eldest daughter rarely cried. In fact, the last time she saw her weep was when she was four years old.

     “M-Mother... a while ago, I received a letter from Earl Ashworth stating that he requests Cassandra’s presence at his manor. I immediately told Cassandra and she hurriedly went to his house with Thompson as her chaperone. H-however... I noticed that the signature was quite different than usual so I asked Jim to take me to his manor. Along the way, we saw Thompson’s carriage. It... It was empty. We proceeded to the Earl’s home and he stated that the last letter he had sent Cassandra was the invitation for his ball,” she took a deep breath before continuing. “I asked him to present me with one of his invitations and I checked it. The signature was different indeed. A-And then... when I went back home... I-I saw a letter on my bed... I...”

     Briana fell on her knees and started crying. Drusilla did so, too. The former just shed tears whilst the latter sobbed. Drusilla had never been close with her first born and she found her quite unpredictable but she knew that they shared one thought.

     Where is Camille?

The End

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