Missing (Part 1)Mature

Chapter 3 - Missing (part 1)

     “You managed to get the first part of your job earlier than expected,” her voice, despite its softness still held that authoritative tone. Blessed, she considered herself for managing to keep it steady.  Her chest rose a bit more rapidly than usual. “Quite impressive.”

     His lips hovered above hers as he spoke. “Only quite?” He asked. Her gloved hand caressed his cheek, earning a serene smile from him. He slowly closed his eyes and held her free hand.

     “Make sure that she will perish,” she said as she tipped his chin. “And the greatest reward of all shall be bestowed upon you.”

     He laid down besides her, his eyes still closed. She made her way on top of him and pressed her hand against his chest. He raised his chin more, fully exposing his pale neck.

     “Yes, my mistress. My king.”


The End

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