Read an article today in the NY times, about women sold to fighters.

She masks her disgust,
but t'is her sacred duty to do
Sometimes its once a day,
but often times its even two

She smiles, she cries, she sighs,
but the emotions she must fake
At all times appear convincing,
for fatal are any mistakes

She struggles, and she fights
to avoid his pungent kiss
Into her mouth he thrusts his tongue,
while she gags to his complete bliss

He shudders, he cries out,
let’s out a throaty groan
And then he is quickly finished,
Disgusted, she is left alone

Like a ordinary beast of burden,
Daily, they inspect their wares
For she mustn't bear any children,
of that they are very scared

In that dark room she awaits
for the next eager one to arrive
Why did god make her a woman?
Why must she stay alive?

They claim it’s their legal right
any heathen they can mutilate
They have been divinely permitted
With impunity they can subjugate!

The End

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