Solaris In Excelsis

A cry against sorrow, reaching to the light of day...

Rise and stand now - face the skies.

The time has come again to rise.

Do not falter, now, my child -

The time has come to face the wild.

The untaméd darkness lies in wait

The pain and sorrows of the years

Behold the nightmares and their bait

Ensnaring souls with their own fears.

Strength, my child, strength!

The time is now!

Don't lose hope and take a final bow -


Rise, rise and rise once more

Feel yourself rise from the floor

Until you know you can rise no more

Be brave, be brave, and higher.



Further still! 

Be bold! Tenacious, with iron will

And nerves of steel to face the night

With compassion and valour

Love and light.

Know this now, lest you forget

When you lie in the dark, in pain

Know in the morn, when all seems lost

The Unconquered Sun shall rise again.

Now, rise.

The End

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