Chapter 2: What you don't do when your huge battle station is boardedMature

I step into the HR(Hologram room)  We where standing in a fake replica of  flight deck 32, which was the top of solar storm.

" Alright, we gonna have air combat, get ready to shoot down ships, and set up the anti craft turrets now, we have 2 minutes before shields buckle. I setup three fake turrets then all fake hell breaks loose. I take cover from huge lazer blast putting holes through the flight deck.  I unclip the safter and walk out of my cover and start taking shots at the incoming fake troops. I aim for the heads knowing that is where the armour is weakest, they continue to fall until the begin to shoot back at me.

I roll out of the plasma, and bolts way. atleast i'm not dead yet. Where is everyone else? I ask myself taking shots from behind cover. I duck and a plasma shot and burns a hole through the cargo box I cowered behind.  I move and jump up holding down the trigger. Luckily enough I kill the squad of holographic bastards.  A ship lands and I recieve an order on my radio.

" Retreat do blast doors, lets hope we can bottleneck effect and kill them all."  The sarge yells.  Where the hell was the blat doors? I flip my heads up display down, reading there was only 25 of us out of 40, facing aproximately 75 hostiles. and I thought I sucked.  I see the blast doors marked out on a marker and stealthily make it over avoiding fire and plasma canon fire. If this was  real the the battel station would be heavily damage on this side, seeing that lots of power sources where exposed.  I see my squad and join in.

" Your still in simulation?" They looked surpised.

"Stop fucking around and give suppressive fire!" The sarge yelled.  I turn around and start firing at breaks in the make shift cover of cargo boxes.

" Grenade!"

" Shit!' I say and see it , I kick it and it explodes sending my backwards. The Heads up display flashes alive.  Nice, i haven't died in the sim yet. I hear the plasma  canon and we are all dead.

The End

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