Solar Storm's DestructionMature

Corporall Talyn m8g9 is a soldier that lives 1000 yeahrs from now and he serves againsts a movile battle station called solar storm. Solar storm is the finest and toughest ship of the Gaian fleet. Gaian is the empire if earth and all its coloneis.While the mobile battle station sets up and the farthest borded of the Gaian space they encounter a dangerouse enemy that consists of alien species and robots, there name roughly translates to Scalthan collective.

Its about 4 am in the morning Pacific standard time on earth, and I was simply checking the weapons storage space which I should tell you is about 5 kilometers square with ,and it was probably stalked with enough munitions to arm two planets for a two year war war. Why do we have so much weaponry?  Because it makes the higher ups feel safer. From what you may ask?  I actually don't know ,I'm just paid to carry one of the hundreds of billions weapons, and look after them. As far as I know we have no real enemies, except the seperatists. But who cares about them anyways? Well okay the empire might, but they don't really hold any threat.

" Corporall, Report!"  Sargent Blake Mitchells yells into his radio, which  in turn makes the headset in my helmet shake, and makes my ears nearly bleed.

" Yes sir! No missing or damaged munitions.Sir!"  I say

"Allright then no more dilly dallying get ur ass back to the mustering room!Now!"  the sarge yells.

" Yes sir!" 

I hate being ordered around like i'm an insignifgant little puss head, hell I didn't chose this path to begin with. I used to live on a planet named Vertey that was hugely interested in science and some of the brightest minds of the Gaian empire where trying to make a new type of reactor. Sadly little did they know that what they where making was going to destroy an entire planet.  I was lucky while the planet was erupting military forces did there best to save everyone they can. Atleasts thats what the said they saved ten percent of the population. Lets says thate relatively small for a planet with 24 billion people living on it.  I was 15 then and lets just say I was given such little money to survive with, I only saw one way of survival the military, and man do I hate being treated like shit.

The electronic blast doors open silently before me, a stasis field lowers  it self and my personal effects are returned to me on a large hovering trey. My bolt pistol, my level 4 armour able to with stand two plasma grenads. That doesn't gaurantee your organ won't get crushed by the shockwave. , and my last thing was my plasma rifle with a computerized scope making it easier to shoot moving targets from a distance.  The green armour I put on covered me from the hips to shoulder with, about two inches of  corrillium alloy. On my arms was smaller pieces of armour making me more mobile, same goes for the legs. Each piece of the armour could camaflouge, contained bio foam , a part of the first aid kit that would be applied automatically upon injury.Under the armour I had a weaker form of camoflauge but it worked well with the armour so in anycase most empirail soldiers aren't seen until its too late.

I step into a transporting device, my bodies is taken apart atom by atom in seconds and soon I find myself in the mustering room which was located  near the middle of the mobile battelstation which was also about 30 kilometer walk from the weapon storage room I was in.I looked at a group of ragged board marines, all there trigger fingers twitching.

" Kill happy. bastards." I murmur under my breath. Sargent Mitchell happened to hear my little comment. He slams me against the wall , the metal armour making a huge bang.

" You don't like it here M9G9?!" He stood a good foot taller than me , and he was a barrel chested man. In other words really intimidating guy. I  moved the fear of getting my ass kicked to the back of my mind. I was frusturated with everything , and was about to explode.

" No , It reeks here, and everyday is the same bullshit, everyday. I feel like shit, there is no reward here, no learning no recreation,  all of you people want to do is pull that fucking trigger, and see some so called evil seperatist fall down while his or her blood splatters agianst the wall behind them!  I hate it , I hate being ordered around like I don't know what I'm doing today! I'm doing the same fucking thing everyday, it doesn't change! So yeah this reeking fucking pigsty of a place sucks, and I don't like it!"  I yell frusturated. The sarge punches me in the face twice. I didn't bleed or whimper but it hurt like hell. He knees me the impact is reduced by my armour.

" You've got balls , corporall. I like that, but don't show them in front of my soldiers. Understand!? You also have a vital point, We are heading to the combat simulator.  Your all on  the same team and we are training for a boarding simulator."

" Fun." I said , that wasn't really my intention heading to the training simulator to tell I will most likely die in the first few minutes of a battle.

The End

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