Soft Velvety Darkness

It was like velvet, so soft. I didn’t see. Instead, I sensed, perceiving, tasting, smelling. I could not move but, I was not in any discomfort. Something I was trying to remember, oh yes, how did I get to this state of being?

My mind filled with thought, nothing that made sense. There was an urgency. I needed something. I couldn’t remember.

Inside the darkness I started to hurt. Not definable, just a throb. A deep pounding, churning in my insides. I needed something!

I pushed myself to think, the thoughts made my head feel heavy. A man was there, his eyes were like ebony, the light played in them and they mesmerized.

Had I loved him? No, still my need for him was great, I burned to touch him, he held me, he kissed me, he stared at me. I was afraid, why? And then, a memory. I knew what had happened.

It made me angry, why had he done this. That urgent feeling, that memory, that realization made me queasy, I needed to get out!

I was surrounded by velvet, the soft dark velvet, of my casket..

The End

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