The woman doesn't respond. You cannot break in a locked steel door. You begin to feel around for your way out.

"Fine! Be like that!" you scream, frustration forcing your voice up an octave.

A few shafts of daylight pierce through the crumbled building, but the brightness is not enough. You need to see and find a way out before you are crushed to death by bricks and mortar, as so many others have been in the past few days.

You feel the ground around you, your sense of touch exploring the room in more detail than your vision would allow. Shards of glass are everywhere; they are unavoidable. You curse every time you move and another vicious something attacks you.

A trickle of wet coldness down your right index finger tells you that this latest physical exploration has caused damage that will need attention as soon as you find yourself outside again. However, your search is not in vain as you brush against the fabric handle of the bag you filled only moments before.

Pulling at the bag you find the contents are still safely locked away, and blindly you start groping around inside. At the bottom of the bag, a small metal object lies. You remove it from the bag, twist the end and suddenly a bright beam of light shoots from one end.

You scan the room with it. The place is littered with dust and plaster parts, glass and broken wooden planks. You find yourself inhabiting a small dark hole in the ground, only just big enough to move around in.

Everywhere you look, you are trapped. While the daylight seems only a few metres away, it seems an impossible task to dig your way out, but you know there is no other way. The debris to your left looks reasonably loose, and possible to dig your way through.

Bracing yourself, you begin to tear away the brick, plaster and other random objects. But as you do so...

The End

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