You try to get into a building and look for food

Looking through the thick layer of ash, you recognise a few of the still standing buildings around you, and if memory serves you right, the convenience store you used to frequent as a child should be just down the alleyway. Desperate for food, you leave the main road. Only a sprinkling of ash seems to have decorated this part of town, and a row of buildings still stand tall reaching up into the dusty evening sky. Your stomach growls in anticipation as you find the store intact, the looters somehow missing it on their nightly jaunts.

You shove hard at the door and it finally opens. Inside is a treasure trove of delicious delights, everything untouched by the horrors and tragedies of the outside world. Around you the ceiling creeks and the occasional lump of plaster falls down, but you ignore it, your survival instincts kicking in.

You empty an abandoned backpack and start filling it with as much food and bottled water as you can cram into it, filling all the nooks and extra pockets. Suddenly, you hear a noise at the back of the store.

You are no longer alone.

A figure stands in the darkness, not moving or speaking. This is the first person you have met in the last 3 days that has not been injured or screaming hysterically at you. While the darkness reveals no further identification about your company, you sense there is more to them. Starting at them, a thought strikes you.

They knew this would happen.

You don’t know how you know that, you just do but feel inclined to believe the instinct. You take a step towards the figure, but they flee into a back room, the briefest of light revealing a tall skinny woman, not much older than yourself. You are certain she holds answers to what has happened.

Another step in her direction and a large part of ceiling crashes to the ground a mere 3 feet to your left. Looking up, large cracks are racing across the plasterboard and you know it is only a matter of seconds before the entire thing falls down around you. You have a split second to make what could be your last decision...

The End

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