Soft Ash

You walk down the street slowly, staring at your feet, which sink deep into the ash with every step. All around you, you see colapsed buildings, almost all smothered with ash. You fear to think what the ash is.

As you near the end of the street, you have to sit down and rest. Your boots are thick with a dark and dusty paste. As you try to scrape it off, you hear the distant tumbling of another building. An all to familiar sound to you.

You walk to a nearby bench and lay down. As you stare into the black-red sky, everything else seems to fade away. Horrible memories fill your head, none of which you can seem to make sense of. People running around screaming, explosions everywhere, then the flash. That unholy flash that snaps you out of all your thoughts.

You stand up and start walking down another street, the only thing that you can do. The only thing to keep you busy. You've speant the last 3 days doing this, and at that very moment of though... you get hungry. What do you do?

The End

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