begging the journal

Today is my sixteenth birthday, mother and father gave me this journal to write in, She had been writing in a journal as long as she could remember and tonight was no different. As she began to put her thought to paper she glanced back to the date for which she started this journal. This one was fairly new, only a year and a half old. Her antique night table contained all of her journals from years past, as far back as forty years ago, when she started to write at the age of sixteen. Oh how she longed for those carefree days now . As she pulled out one of the journals she read the year aloud.


they say that a girl my age needs to talk to someone and that maybe she would not be comfortable talking about these things with them. They were right , she could never tell them about Billy and what they did in the back of the bus. It had started out like any other day, she ran out of the house with only a piece of toast in her belly, to catch the bus. Wait, wait, I’m coming, she yelled from the curb as the bus started to roll off. She had found a seat but it was in the back beside Billy Paterson, he was kind of cute but he thought he was cuter. Hey Sofia want to sit next to me, he said to her. She had no choice, there were no other seats. As she sat there she felt all hot and sticky, which was weird cause she had showered this morning. She could feel his eyes on her as she kept her turned towards the floor. Then it happened, was it by accident? No, she didn’t think so. His hand was touching hers! what was she to do?

The End

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