Sofia's Story

The wind was so strong, blowing across the field, that she thought it would pick her right up and sweep her away. During the last few days the weather had been unpredictable, she noticed that just because the day started out sunny didn’t mean it would stay that way, Just yesterday she had took a little stroll in the afternoon heat, only to be greeted by snow flakes on her way home. Well she thought to herself, it is October, what can one expect.

Funny, she thought, how things change so fast, not just the weather but life in general. As she bent down to examine a pretty white pebble she couldn’t help but feel a little sadness at the way things had turned out. Life, she thought, was not what she expected. Somehow she had thought that life contained all things sunny, like birds singing in the morning or the first snow fall of the season. As she continued to walk across the field she noticed a birds nest sitting on a tree branch, not to long ago, this would have made her smile but now she couldn’t even manage to care. Oh how things have changed she thought.

The End

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