sofia apears to be an ordinary girl attending secondary school like everyone else her age but the again whats ordinary...

 The classroom was so quiet that the ticking noise coming from the clock on the wall could be heard. There was a girl at the very back of room sat at a dull grey desk, looking down at the dirty lilac floor, she flicked up her head, shifting her glossy black hair so that it caught the light that was bursting in through the gap at the side of the window where blind didn't quite fit. The girl glanced at the clock it was 3:10 as she saw this she had to hold in her excitement there was only 5 minuets left the past hour seemed to have dragged. Although she had managed to hold in the excitement she couldn't help the broad grin that spread across her face when she caught the eye of a pale red headed girl sat across the room from her, the girl returned the smile with her pretty, rosy pink, lips, then as they both turned their heads back to the clock the school bell rang out throughout throughout the classroom.


Sofia, the girl with glossy black hair, quickly jumped up from her seat took her test paper to the front and started back to pack up her things; she was halfway back when her foot caught a piece of upturned carpet she tripped and fell into someone who extended their arms to catch her, as she landed in them a deep, friendly voice stated “gotcha'”. Sofia's face was still resting against the boys chest and she recognised the welcoming smell of aftershave, Paco Rabanne 'black', she would have recognised it anywhere. The boy looked down at her hair, it was enough for him to work out who she was, “oh hey Sofia.” He said trying to sound casual. Naturally Sofia knew who it was before she even looked up it was the one boy she could find in a room without even looking for him, the one boy that she new the smell of so well she could now instantly detect the name of his aftershave and the one boy who's mere presence gave her shivers down her spine; but lately they had grown apart, spending much less time together, thinking about this made the very inside of her heart ache, although Sofia didn't fully know why. “Hi Darren” she said shortly while reluctantly removing herself from his arms.

Are you excited about tonight then I know I am and its not even my party” Darren said while helping her straiten up. yea its why I'm in a bit of a hurry me and Nancy are going back to mine to get ready, mum booked a hair dresser, it should be fun tonight” she was at her desk now and was already throwing her stuff in her tartan bag “sorry I'v really got to go” she slung her bag on her back the whole time she was trying to avoid looking into his eyes, she knew it would be fatal, she took off out of the class room where Nancy the pale redhead girl was stood taping her delicate silver watch.


As they walked down the corridor together Sofia couldn't help looking back; just as Sofia had expected there was Darren leaning against the white wall, his tall muscular frame stood out from the crowd. He looked strait at her, she risked a glance at his eyes, but couldn't draw herself away, she just stared straight at them they were a piercing sapphire blue and even from this distance Melissa could see the Alice blue flecks that ran through them, it felt like those eyes could see right inside her, reading her every heart racing thought. Just when Melissa thought she might collapse under the massive strain that pulled on her heart Nancy yanked her through the door at the end of the corridor.

The End

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