Chapter 3Mature

I awoke to irrating ringing of my phone. Groaning, i picked it up, hoping it wasn't Kilney calling to fire me. "Hello?" I said, trying not to sound like i wanted to know why the hell i was being contacted at god awful 5:22 a.m. "Where were you last night?!" Just great. My best friend Jaylen screams at me. "I had to pick up Nicki's evening shift. Why are you yeling?" I was so pissed. How she gonna call me talking like this?! "I'm yelling beause i had to go to a club full of pervs alone, bitch!" She cried. "Look im sorry. You free tonight?" I got up and put lotion on my honey-brown skin and examine my green cat like eyes. "YEah." She says. And i listen to her chatter aimlessly on and on about "Kane". I just sprinkle in comments every so often, and let her talk. When she finally hangs up, i put my phone back onto the carger. Ok, i think, i have class in six hours, and a shift in three hours and a paper im halfway through with. Great... With a dignified yawn, i throw myself into my work.

Two exhausting hours later, im finished. Yawning, i hop into the shower, where i sing my heart out. I grab a apple and run downstairs to catch the bus. When i finally get off the stinking contraption from hell, i rush into Annie's and slip into my apron and heels. No one says anything to me and i unassumingly start my shift. I'm about an hour in when i hear arguing. All the waitresses go up front to listen. "Sir we cannot simply just seat you there, she has other patrons." Thats Gen, our hostess. "Do you know who i am? Now you will seat me in her section, or i will cruch this establishment like a bug!" The voice shouts. I know that voice. I slip out and stare him right in his perfect blue eyes. "E-edward?" I stammer.

The End

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