Chapter 2Mature

By the time that cursed shift ends, my feet are aching. Kilney our boss, requires that we wear black, and tall heels each and everyday. The bell rings and i sigh. "Um sir? Sorry but we're closed." I say. Then i gasp. He is beautiful. Blonde perfect curls and a tall lean body. And the eyes! Perfect shade of blue. "Oh, im so sorry i was not aware." He purrs. His voice instantly soothes me. Oh my gads. "Uh um yeah... It's cool." I say. He grins. "Now wait a moment. I haven't seen you before?" He seems a bit confused. "Oh yu've probably never been in my section. I'm Cat." I stick out my hand and he swoops it and plants a dainty kiss on it. I swoon. "I'm Edward. I know now i'll look for you next time." And with that, he's gone. I finish up and lock up. I decide to take the bus, and hop on. When i get home, i unlock my apartment door and fling down my bag and then collapse onto the couch. I think of my meeting with Edward. Was he trying to seduce me? Or was hat ust "normal"? Whatever. Soon after that, i fall asleep to Ed Sheern, playing through my iPhone.



The End

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