Chapter 1Mature

Cat is used to non finery and gum stuck to the bottom of her beaten up Converse. But when the town billionaire, Edward Manchitti come to her turf... Well, read to find out!

Chapter 1

The smell of maple syrup clung to me like a second skin. Gads, i hated the afternoon shift. I pushed a stray honey colored curl out of my face and pulled my ponytail a bit tighter.Annie's was bustling with activity. The little resturant in down ton Seattle was an absolute hit. "Cat here's your order of onion rings!" I moved to the small kitchen counter as Babs pushed a large plate at me. "Thanks." I grunted. I moved quickly back to table 14. "Here you go! We ready to order?!" I asked, with a smile. Don't get me wrong, i love Annie's. But not the people. Rich, snooty, and bitchy make up the population. But im used to it. All i can do is "thank" my "mother".Insert sarcasm here. Welcome to my... Life. 

The End

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