All is well?

The next morning, Isabel felt so much better that it was impossible to sit still.

She had planned to borrow a dress from Ellen and wander around the estate, but an argument stopped her at the door.

"We can't do everything! This is too eccentric even for you!"

"Oh, Grace, you are utterly unromantic and you seem to have no sense of pity. The girl deserves better then her station. She is intelligent. I can see it in her eyes, the potential she has! Please, darling, at least consider it!"

"Adopting an abandoned girl is not something you should be worrying about right now. You plan to bring her out and call her your secret project, as if she had been training for years? You cannot pull that off! We could not pull it off no matter how hard we worked!"

"There is your mother. She is coming up for the season, is she not? What better time to get them accquainted?"

"You are acting as if this has already happened." Grace accused.

"Well. . . . ." Saint-Claire hesitated.

"What have you done?" she demanded.

"It was. . .I thought-"
"You have already made it legal?"

"I contacted my soliciter and told him the sitation. He was very understanding and helpful. . . . .and now she legally belongs to us, yes. Please don't be angry, I thought you would understand-"

"Don't be angry? I, sir, am your wife! How could you not consult me?"

"Because I knew you would say no, darling. At least give her a trial, you shall see what I mean."

"I'll let her have a trial here, but I cannot, will not, tell anyone before she is ready. I understand what you have done and why. I know your character well enough to know that you mean well. But do you plan to have her married off? Whom do you have in mind for when she is introduced? Have you thought of anything at all?"

"I have thought of the way she asked for the pleasure of my name. Come on, Grace, you know that my instincts are never wrong when it comes to these matters! We will decide a method of training her when we tell her what I have done. The girl will understand, I promise. She might even welcome it."

Grace sighed deeply. "Darling, you can't keep doing things like this."

"If I fail, then this shall be the last time I commit such an action." he promised. Isabel could hear how nervous he was without trouble. Was this idea still new to him as well?

"You always say that." Grace remarked drily.

"And I always mean it." Saint-Claire returned. "You know what my intuition is."


Isabel blinked. Adopt her? A random girl he found on the street two months ago?

What kind of person was she dealing with?

The End

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