Society Chronicles-- Book One: Vanish

Wierd things have begun to happen to Shayne. It seems there are certain people who seem to die, and then dissapear of the face of the earth. Then, the history of some ancient, secret society that included Benjamin Franklin... the Masons. (slightly violent)

Shayne stared down at the motionless body below him. The man was wearing a slightly ripped shirt. He was spread eagle, bound by chains to the ground. Shayne had just been walking calmly from school, when he had heard a call. He'd done a 360 degree turn, finding nothing. Then, as he approached the stone-tiled pathway not even five feet ahead, the call was stressed even louder. Then, with a final, clear distressed cry for help, it stopped. Shayne ran to the spot where he'd heard the noise. It was only minutes ago. His right sleeve was torn off, and revealed a bloody arm. Shayne fished out his cell-phone from his pocket. He stared at it for a momen, wondering if he should.

I don't know if I ought to... he thought.

He examined the body further. There was no way visible of knowing how the man had died, or who he was. Shayne checked the man's pockets, looking for an ID of any sort. He found a wallet.


He opened the wallet. Empty. Whoever had killed this man oviously didn't want anyone to know who this man was. There was a white thread lying down next to the man. Shayne ignored it. He unbuttoned the man's shirt. On his stomach, where the rest of his hair should be-it was pretty much everywhere else-- was odd looking. It looked as if the hair there had dissapeared. Just as Shayne reached to roll the man over, he found a blue pen with a light on the end about three paces away. A blacklight. Whatever. Who cares? Shayne. He picked up the blacklight in his hand. He had just turned on the light when it slipped from his grasp and landed on the man's stomach. He was reaching to pick it up, when he saw faint, blue lettering on the man. He picked up the blacklight and shone it in the same spot.

What he saw shocked and numbed every nerve in his body.

The End

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