So you want to be a nerd?

Ok, so I've seen a lot of these. I'm not a poet, so I'll just write a bunch of sentences describing what a nerd is to me.

Alright, so you say you want to be a nerd. First off, we prefer to be called exceptionally brilliant. (oh yeah, I went there) We are always forced into all the advanced classes. (for example, I'm stuck in 11th grade english, but I'm only a tenth grader, I'm stuch in algebra two, also for 11th graders, and I'm in chemistry, again,11th graders.) I didn't choose to be a nerd, it chose me. I can't help it if all I ever do is read or write. So what if I go to a high school party and bring my notebook, because I'm afraid of missing an idea I might have? I might og to a new year's party, but leave long before midnight so I can get my eight hours of sleep. Sure, I do sports, but at games, I always bring my notebook. Do I watch my team play while I'm on the bench, no. Ihave a pencil in hand, either working on my latest story or homework assignment. If somebody says something wrong(ex. wolves howl at the moon), I have to correct them (no they don't, they just point their noses in the air, making it look like they're howling directly at the moon).

So, do you still want to be a nerd?

The End

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