Too Late to Say No?Mature

Something cold and wet runs down my forehead into my hair. Is it raining? It's so dark. I realize that my eyes are closed and open them to see Lillian sitting to my right.
"Lill," I mumble, trying to raise my chest with my elbows. I'm in my bed, back in my apartment. How did I get back here? The last thing I remember is that man with red eyes-Oh God! Is he here!?
I look around my one roomed residence. A man stands, leaning on the door frame, in my home! My eyes grow wide again, and I try to back away, without much luck. But he's not looking at me. He's looking a Lillian. Is it just me, or do his eyes look blue this time though?
"You're awake, that’s good." says Lillian, oblivious to the fierce death stare that is being drilled into the back of her head. "You've been out for most of the day."
I groan and glance from Lillian's happy feature to that man's fearsome face. His face is pale, not the type for sunbeds. His eyes flicker to mine and he briefly smiles before returning his death gaze onto Lillian's head, leaving me with my mouth open, about to speak.
"Uh, Lill-" I start, but she cuts me off.
"-Don't speak." She says, jutting me on the nose. "He brought you here." See refers to the man in the doorway, following my eyes. I feel a wave of embarrassment wash over me. I picture myself looking helpless, being carried back to my own house. How did he even know where I live? Did he know that Lillian knows me? My mind reels as she stands and continues talking. "Well, it seems that you're alright and you're in capable hands. So I'll check on you later, okay, Dante? See you!" She says as she opens the front door and closes it behind her with a wave.

I'm in my house with a man who looks as though he could kill me with a spoon. Maybe I'd feel better if I grew a couple inches at the moment. No such luck. I'm short. Way short. I know that he's going to kill me, he looks that way. He comes and sits on my bed.
"Are you really that scared?" He asks. I watch him. "You're leaning away from me, didn't you notice?" I hadn't.
He leans himself closer since I make to attempt to myself. I want to be as far away from him as I can. I go back again, now hitting my windowsill. He comes closer.
"Look, if you're gonna kill me, do it already." I burble, and he smiles at my remark.
He's so near I can taste his breath.
"I'm not going to kill you." He chuckles. "I would want to kill someone I think is attractive."
"EH?" What is he saying? He killed a woman just a few hours ago and now he's saying he’s not going to murder me! "But that lady, she's-" I break off. I can't say the word 'dead'.

“She's not dead." The man assures me. He blinks, the first time I've seen him do so, but his eyes don't waver from my face.
"B-but the blood! Her eyes weren't blinking!" I say hurriedly, hardly believing that I'm talking with a very capable killer.
"I'm a vampire." He speaks simply, bluntly. I start babbling. He stops me squawking by placing a finger on my lips. "Want proof?" He asks when I'm quiet.
I nod silently. I have a gnawing fear that he's going to bite my neck or something, like those vampires in the movies do. He doesn't. Instead, he goes back slightly and opens his mouth. At first I just see normal-looking teeth, but as the moments pass, fangs begin growing from his canines until they are just above his bottom lip. He smiles at my face, which is in a state between horror, shock and awe.

“You didn’t believe me.” He says and comes closer again. He’s taller than me, so I have to look up to keep my eyes on his. His eyes are red again.

I blink. Now they’re purple, hoe does he do that? Before I have a chance to speak he suddenly kisses me-again! I don’t kiss back, but my eyes widen in surprise and he lock onto them with his. The vampire’s teeth-no, fangs- scratch my lip and I get a metallic taste in my mouth. The vampire holds my face to stop me from moving, but gently. His hair falls around our faces, creating a black curtain against the world. We eventually part after what seems to be an age. Immediately, my face contorts with confusion. “The Hell?!” What the frick!? Why’d he just kiss me? He’s a vampire! I was just kissed by a vampire! My mind starts reeling again. “Why’d you kiss me? And why back at that warehouse too?” I demand loudly.

His face is still close to mine. Only his bangs separate our faces. “I find you attractive.” His eyes seem to sparkle. They’re still purple. “I’m going to need a place to stay, too.”

“So that’s what it’s about?” A place to stay! He’s a vampire! No way! “Why can’t you stay with that lady you left back there?” I complain.

He looks at me as though I had just discovered that water’s wet. “I can’t. Although she won’t remember what I did to her, she’s going to remember that I was with her-and left her. The blood will be a bit…of a sore point, too.” He pauses and flicks a piece of hair behind his ear. “So can I stay with you?”

“No!” I instantly say, but he doesn’t seem bothered. I can’t have a vampire, here, in my house. He’d kill me!

As if he reads my mind-maybe he actually can-he says, “My name is Renir. And don’t worry, I won’t kill you.” He reasons yet again.

“How do I know that you won’t leave me on the floor of some other warehouse like you did to that woman?” I ask, squinting at Renir. “I mean, you stayed with her before you...did that to her. Have you done that to everyone you find attractive?”

The vampire-Renir-shakes his head. “I’ve never found any of those women attractive. They provide for my…needs, and are easy to seduce, that’s all. I have no other interest in women.” He says it so simply. I sit agape at the man in front of me. He asks again if he can stay here.

“No!” I reply once more.

“I wouldn’t be much hassle. I could sleep on the couch.”

“Nuh-uh. Not possible.” Where the hell did he think this futon came from? “It would have to be a sleeping bag. And no touching or kissing me!” What did I just say? Oh no…

Renir nods and agrees. “Okay. Sure thing.” He swiftly kisses me once on the cheek and walks out of the flat, the door clicking shut behind him, presumably to buy a sleeping bag. Not that I know of any stores that are open at this time of night.

I quickly re-run the last conversation through my mind. Why did I say that? I should have refused outright. I shake my head and lay back down on my bed. I check the clock on the wall, it’s past midnight. Closing my eyes, I don’t realize how tired I am until I actually doze off.


It’s dark. I still have my eyes closed. Morning begins to seep into my mind. Why do I feel a pair of arms around my waist? I snap my eyes open and sit up, immediately awake now. The vampire is lying beside me, with his long black hair sprawled out over the pillow next to mine. Renir is also awake now, if barely. I hurry out of bed and stand in the kitchen area of my tiny home. Renir follows shortly, and sits on the floor with his back against the wall. At east he’s half decent, I muse discreetly before speaking at him.

“I thought I said no more touching.” I tell him, heating up some water for coffee. “That means no sharing my bed! You were meant to get a sleeping bag anyway.” Renir smiles, trying to look innocent. It doesn’t work.

“I haven’t found a sleeping bag yet. You wouldn’t want me to sleep on the cold, hard ground, would you?”

I snort to show him how little I care. “No more touching.” I say seriously, brandishing a teaspoon at the vampire. “Waddaya want to eat?”

“Nothing. Vampires don’t have to eat or drink.” Renir starts, but changes his mind. “Actually, just some coffee. It tastes nice.”

I mix some instant coffee and hand him the cup. I make myself some as he chirps up again.

“I hardly know anything about you,” Like he’s one to talk. “Apart from your first name. Tell me something.”

I roll my eyes and think for a second. “Uh, my full name is Dante Dorian Johnson. I guess my parents got bored of normal names when my brother was born. I’m twenty-two years old. I have one brother, Danny, and a sister, Gwen. My parents are still to together. Uh, oh, and I dropped out of college and hate both my current jobs.”

I get no round of applause. Instead, I get a disappointed look from Renir. “That’s like something a elementary school kid would do.”

Well, can you do any better?” I jeer.

“Ahem,” He nods. “My full name is Renir Amarth. No middle name. I’m twenty-three, although I did become a vampire about eight years before, so technically I’m thirty-one.” He chuckles, “Urm, I don’t really know what to say next.” And he says mine was bad.

“Well, how about what you like?” I put forward, then sip my coffee.

He contemplates and then speaks. “Hmm, well, even though vampires don’t need to eat, I do like crumpets.” Renir smiles, “and strawberry milk. Do you like strawberry milk?”

“Never had any.” I say, eyeing him.

Renir’s jaw drops. “You should try it. You’d like it.”

I nod and say I’ll bear it in mind. I spark a question, suddenly remembering work. “Hey, what’s the time?” I ask, beginning to panic.

The vampire shrugs and looks at the clock on the wall. Of course I don’t think of such a simple thing. “Half eleven, why?”

“Crap!” I squawk loudly as I flap over to a pair of trousers and shove them on. “Crap!” I squawk again. “I’m late for work!” I rush, completely flustered, out of the front door without giving any thought about the vampire I left, alone, in my house.


I run, gasping, into Piffle Princess Bookstore. Drake looks at me, smug and expectant.

“You’re late.” He snides, “You owe me. I covered for you for the last half hour.”

“Thank…You…” I manage to pant out, hardly believing that I’m still alive after sprinting over half the town. I wander over to the counter and pin my nametag to my t-shirt.

“Those girls have just been reading, not buying.” Drake says curtly, eyeing the gaggle of teenage girls by the bookshelves and beanbags.

“Because we’re the only store that sells manga. Maybe the boss should start a lending service.” I suggest, still gasping for air but not as desperately.

Drake just shrugged and stacked a book atop an already tottering pile. “I did your share of stacking, packing and labeling.” He counts on his fingers. “You owe me.”

“Yeah, I know. I don’t have any cash on me right now but-“

“How about something after the shift?” Drake cuts me off.

“Like I said, I have no money.” I repeat, giving a little thought to Renir. Would he be alright if I leave him for a while? Yeah, he’ll be fine I guess. “But I suppose I can go to the ATM. No promises.”

“It’ll be at Yatagoratsu.” He smirks. “And I’ll pay, if you can’t.”

He knows my weakness to Japanese food. I glare at him but my stomach gives in. “Alright.” I mumble, but I’m secretly pleased to be treated. Especially to such good food.

Drake grins at me and I smile back. My stomach growls loudly and I hit my belly to make it stop. Now I can’t wait to get that food, my stomach complains. I have to do an extra half hour due to my lateness, so Drake waits for by browsing the shelves. Of course, he doesn’t buy anything, but just like those teenage girls he criticized, he reads them instead. I seems like an age before I can finally unpin my nametag and be greeted by him with cheers.

“Finally!” He says as he punches the air, his scarf flying with his fist. It’s cold outside, but I hadn’t noticed when I was running, pretty much for my life (I need money to live!).

I cup my hands and blow into them. “It’s so cold!” I complain, the whining five year old trying to break through. “Can we just go eat? I’m starving.” My stomach groans once more as we walk to Drakes car.

I’m thankful that he has a car, since I can’t drive at all. I’ve taken three tests-and failed all of them! We get in and he starts the engine. Immediately, warm air pumps in and I swear a vow to worship heating. “Heat!” I celebrate, putting my hands near the fan to warm them.

“Drake, I think I’m in love with your car!” I say, half joking. I laugh and put my seatbelt on before he reverses out of the parking space and drives towards Yatagoratsu. Yum, Japanese FOOD!

The End

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