"...and What Have You Done?

“So this is Christmas, and what have you done…”


In late 2012, an unexpected event dropped me into our social service system; aka: poverty. And, having lived at street level in downtown Barrie ever since, I’ve gained a unique insight into this downtown culture-within-a-culture.

The experience has been disheartening, inspiring, and motivating.

Disheartening in the apparent social & political disconnect towards anyone who falls out of mainstream society, or can’t (for whatever reason) keep up with it; and yet inspired by the tenacity and character of an eclectic micro community that lives behind its glossy façade.

With the plight of disadvantaged members in our community needing another voice, I was compelled to make 2014 a year of advocacy and action.

My mantra, written on an office wall of the David Busby Centre in early January stated my intent:

“2014 is OUR year; when the MUTE will SPEAK, and the DEAF will HEAR!”

Now, with 2014 drawing to a close, some of my efforts have been successful, some are still in a long process of completion, and some are just starting; they are noted below.

The End

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