So Lost

So she stood there. Tears rolled down her eyes. She had dealt with this same pain a thousand times. Why oh why? What words could she say to fill her inner soul. Every man she ever love devoured her heart. So what is left? Her mind tells her to pick up the phone and tell him. But her heart's shattered pieces stabs at her ribs. Her knees felt weak and she fell to the floor. She frantically begins to scream, "Why me?" 

No one answers or even hears her cry. Her thoughts are racing. Why does the one person who loves you the most hurt the most. His words replay in her mind. "Listen to me, every other girl I have been with has always stopped listening to me." Her body began to shake violently from the memories of his words. Then why did he have to talk to other girls. It makes sense now. She had to tell him. She had seen everything. Heard it all. He wrote other girls. He claimed to be such a man but let his mind take over his heart. She saw the messages every last single one of them. But she stayed by his side. And the phone calls. He had conversations with other girls and stayed on the phone for hours. 

This time she had to be the women she always wanted to be. She was young and going away to college. She had plans and thought that she had a man. But in the end she never was in love. See when you fall in love then you will learn. That love may not conquer all but it will never hurt you and make you wanna give up. So she picks up the phone and begins to dial. 

The End

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