Waking up, my head hurts like a bitch and I’m not exactly sure where I am so I just lay for a second. The first thing that comes to me is that rolling wave that goes through my gut every morning, it drowns me and all that water weighs down on my chest and everything feels heavy. Everyone tells me I’m depressed, they treat me like fucking Eeyore. Speaking of everyone, they’re on the mattress or scattered on the floor in sleeping bags. We’re in Laura’s lake house even though I don’t exactly remember coming in here. Last night was a blur and one of the first times in a long time that I didn’t drink by myself and it had been surprisingly fun. But now my head hurts and I don’t want to get up because now I was thinking about the last time I drank with anybody was with Hannah and everything hurts so fucking much. Then just to make it worse, a pillow hits the side of my head, “Morning,” Allie says and I just press the pillow to my face to muffle a groan when Mia’s voice pipes up from somewhere to the left, “Sounds like you’ve got a hangover.” I pull the pillow from my face and sigh, “Sounds like someone needs to fucking talk quieter.”

“Aw does the poor baby’s head hurt?”

“Shut up. How are you not dying anyway? I’m pretty sure you couldn’t even walk last night”

“I dunno man but I’m pretty proud of myself, I didn’t cry this time”

“Yeah thank God for that,” Allie said and I realized she’s been lying beside my couch this whole time, “I was not gonna put up with that again”

“Will you guys please shut the fuck up? I’m fucking dying” Abby slurred from the mattress on the floor.

“Need a bucket?” Mia offered her quietly, “Or some ibuprofen?”

“What I need is for you to shut up and let me sleep”

“I’ll take some ibuprofen” I mumbled and almost instantly three little red pills and a glass of water were put into my hands. And briefly I wondered why we called Laura the mom of the group when we had Mia. Speaking of which, “Where’s Laura?” I asked after I swallowed down the pills.

“Making breakfast” Mia replied, so that’s why Laura is the mom. A few minutes later, Laura came in with a pancakes, syrup, bacon, milk, sugar and coffee which she carefully carried into the room making sure not to step on Jadon’s giant body. Allie and Mia immediately grabbed their share and Mia made sure to pour some coffee for Abby, poking her side gently she set it down, “Here’s some coffee Goosey, you should get up soon” and Abby just mumbled something that Mia seemed to understand because she grabbed the sugar and stirred some in. She then walked over to Jadon and carefully nudged him with her toe, “There’s pancakes, get up it’s almost noon Jadon” and then finally she turned to me and her eyes did that annoying thing where they looked like a kicked puppy’s, “At least eat some bacon” was all she said. The truth is, I just wasn’t hungry but I tried to play it off as the hangover making me sick but none of them bought it.

“Julio, please?”                       

“You’ll feel better if you have something in your stomach”

“Whatever, more pancakes for me”

“Dammit Allie”

“Wait, there’s pancakes too?”

“Pass Goose the pancakes”


“Pass Jadon the pancakes”

“Pass them to Julio too”

“No thanks,” and at that everyone stopped chewing and 5 pairs of eyes looked at me, “I said I’m not hungry”

“He’s not hungry” was all Allie said and everyone just nodded and kept eating except for Laura.

“Is there anything you do want? I have more food in the house I can make you something?”

“Give me milk” is all I said and Mia poured me a cup and handed it over. I didn’t even want it but I did want Laura to stop talking. 

The End

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