Why the hell didn’t I go with Mia to pick up Julio and Abby? They’re probably jamming to something that Abby put on (probably Arctic Monkeys) and instead I’m sitting here with Laura and I’m gritting my fucking teeth. I can’t stand being in the same room with her anymore, it’s exhausting.  Once upon a time I loved Laura, not like mark on my wrist love, but friend love. We had inside jokes and people questioned if we were together which is how you know you’re close. This was all before I came out. So when I did, Laura wasn’t there and she found out second hand. That’s when she got weird. She changed a lot. Even though she hasn’t said anything, I think she thinks I liked her.  Obviously I didn’t and now I really don’t. She’s self-absorbed and treats people like shit. The way she was to Julio and Justin and everyone else was just mean. Not only that but she tries way too hard. I think she was attracted to our group from the beginning because in her eyes we’re ‘cool’. Which I personally agree with but I don’t pretend to like the same music or share the same sense of humor. Laura is too fragile and we aren’t very sympathetic. Not only that but she also likes country. That right there should be the end of it. I’m just glad that Lilo & Stitch is on because I don’t think I could handle talking to her. Laura picks up the remote and turns the volume down. Shit. “It’s been a long time since it was just you and me hanging out, I kinda missed it,” Stop, “Like I feel we’ve become distant since prom and I’m sorry for not staying with you honestly,” Shut up, “Its just- are we cool again?” I’m in hell.


“Ayyyyyyyyy wazzgood?” Abby says as she bursts through the door and I have to remember to thank her somehow because she saved me from the most awkward conversation of my life.

“You guys didn’t pause it?” Mia asks accusingly but when she meets my eyes she understands, “Well are we gonna start this shit over or should we go somewhere?”

“Let’s get Fernie and Jadon.” Julio says curtly, great he’s bitchy. But then again, when isn’t he? He and Mia are constantly crabby about something but at least Mia is funny when she’s mad. Julio just becomes a dick.

“Sure! Julio and I can pick up Fernie if you guys wanna go ahead and call Jadon?” Mia offers too quickly and she can say all she wants about refusing love but we all know she’s into Fernando.  Sometimes I wonder if he’ll be the one who marks her but when I asked she told me to shut the fuck up. So it’s possible. 

The End

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