I Plan To Make Lots Of Music References So Get Used To ItMature

On the ride back to Laura’s , Julio doesn’t say much and I’m not too sure if that’s just because he’s Julio: The Emotional Shit Storm or because I’m taking him to Laura’s but I can’t help glancing back in the mirror at him and wondering why the fuck he doesn’t say anything. Abby is sitting shot gun because she will fight someone to the death for that seat and Julio is in a back seat sulking mood anyway. She’s flipping through the CD’s she made me in the hamburger shaped case until she pulls out one that I bought and replaces the Black Keys Turn Blue with the Arctic Monkeys AM and Alex Turner’s voice fills the car and of course Abby turns it all the way up because she’s always been good at filling the silence with the right thing.  I glance back at Julio to see him glaring down at the black mark seared into his forearm just as the chorus kicks up and Alex’s voice coos, Do I wanna know, if this feeling floats both ways? Internally I praise Abby for her fitting choice of music as always but I turn the song down because this question has been nagging me for a while, “Is it better knowing? Ya know, that the feeling doesn’t exactly float both ways?”




“I think it’s better knowing,” Abby says first, “I could’ve wasted so much time on Alex ya feel?”

“But it hurts” Julio countered.

“Yea but you get over it” Abby said a little too quickly I think.

“It’s not that easy Goose”

“No but it happens eventually Julio”

“I don’t think it will.”

“And maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new, I know it’s true, I’m crawling back to you” I sing loudly as I turn up the radio because confrontation is not a thing that I like. 

The End

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