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“Text Mia and ask her to pick us up” I tell Julio as he continues to fiddle with the same stupid beat on my macbook but he just ignores me, “Or I’ll just do it I guess” I say as I reach for my phone. “No, wait. I’ve almost got the timing right and I really don’t want to go to Laura’s” Julio says quickly. I can’t help but sigh, he’s been avoiding this for hours and I’m bored of this track, I just don’t get why he’s being so stupid about this. He didn’t even love Laura, he was just using her to get over the fact that the mark on his wrist that Hannah left is as black as mine so I don’t get why he has to act so awkward around her.  I text Mia anyway and ignore his bitching.

Miah you should pick me and Julio up

Shhhhh we just started lilo and stich




Fuck. Fine. Be there in a bit assholes


“Mia’s on her way” I tell Julio as I get up to grab my bag when suddenly he speaks up “Do you think Laura and I could’ve been a thing? Because sometimes I think like yea totally but then other times it’s like what the hell was I thinking ya know?” Goddammit how many times do we have to talk about this?

“I don’t know man, by the mark on your wrist it looks like it’s only Hannah and she isn’t interested.” I reply bluntly because we’ve been over this too many times to even bother sugar coating it which makes me feel like shit when I meet Julio’s eyes and there’s still that sad look to them whenever we mention Hannah (or as Mia calls her: She Who Shall Not Be Named). “Yea, no, you’re totally right” Julio says all pissy now and turns back to the computer and loops the beat, letting it play through, “The timing is still off,” he comments blandly and I feel bad for making him close off but the second I try to fix it, he’ll just shut me down so I give up and sit back. 

The End

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