The Monster

My heart was racing, my head and hands were sweating. What if the monster was after me next? I didn't want to leave the woman behind, but before I could blink I noticed a large creature headed towards me. I started running. I turned left on a brick covered street and darted down the dark alley. What did this creature want from me? Running as fast as I could, I noticed that this strangely shaped monster was still in my backside view. My legs began to cramp. My skin began to shiver. It was a cold October night and I just wanted to be back home in my warm, comfy bed. But instead, I was running from this crazy lunatic who was after me for some reason that I did not know of. Running as fast as I could down the dark, narrow alley I saw the woman again. "Had I just circled around the city," I thought to myself. The woman from my distance looked hurt. She appeared to be bleeding above her right eye and now had a look of fear and terror on her face as I approached her with the monster not too far behind.
The End

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