They are Coming

Me and the old woman raced away from the scene. I marveling at her speed and strength which she had fought off the robots. I had so many questions but I decided to hold them until we reached safety. We found the resistance camped by the side of a huge brick building cooking hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. The leader said, "Its great to see you, now get something to eat while we have some time."  I realized I was hungrier than I could ever remember. It seemed we were by a grocery store so there was plenty of food for all so I grabbed a plate and piled hotdogs and burgers onto it and dug in. As I was finishing my last burger I heard a sound from around the corner of the building. It was a lone robot that must have heard us. A group of five men who were apparently ready for this scenario began walking towards the robot with what appeared to be spears. They circled it and when the robot turned to attack one of the men he threw his spear at the robot. Direct hit. The robot swayed for a second and then fell with a thunk. I asked the man next to me why it fell so easily and he explained it was because the points of the spears were dipped in the special potion that killed robots. This made me realize I had to work harder and faster on my spray potion because if more than five robots attacked us at a time we would be in big trouble. Just as I thought this I heard a much louder noise that sounded like at least eight robots coming this way...

The End

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