Escape Attempt

We were hearing bad news from the General again." The NFL referees are on strike again. The season, as well as my fantasy team, is lost."

"Oh no, not again. This is tragic."

"Just kidding, its not that bad.  There's just robots and stuff. We probably need to leave."

I grabbed what I could from my hard work, which wasn't much, and headed for the door.  Just when I thought I had finally made it to safety, a robot moved quickly into my path.  I had nowhere to go and before I knew I felt the icy grip of another robot around my neck. The robot picked me up off my feet and raised me high enough so that I was at eye level with the robot that blocked me from leaving.  If only I had been a little bit faster, or if I didn't try to save my work.  I could be free right now if I wasn't so slow.

The End

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