The Escape

"We must go now!" stated the General in a frenzy. "We must get to our vehicles and escape these horrible monsters!" 

Now running for my life, I realized that this was the most exciting and meaningful thing I had done since I was teen. Ever since the potions were created, I hadn't really felt a true rush of emotion in almost two decades. Understanding that the robots were gaining, I saw a barrel catch my eye in the tunnel and poured the liquid out of it behind the resistance. While still running for our lives, I heard the metal hit the walls and the ground beneath me. It was a feeling of happiness in a moment of pure fear.

Once the resistance and I escaped, we found another hid out with another group that was hiding from the robots. It was three families that had heard the robots overtake their community a week prior. Understanding the situation, they let us continue our attempt to make the potion to stop the robots. Only soon to hear something in the distance, all of us realized... 

The End

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