What I was Meant To Do

“I’ll need equipment to formulate this new potion.” I said.

“Already taken care of, Nela” Replied the General.

“As well as test subjects?” I inquired.

After reassuring me that I’d have everything I needed, I got down to business. They had assigned me an assistant, a tall, thin young man named Gregor. He seemed more than competent, so we got working. Finally a challenge! I hadn’t realized I’d gotten so tired of counting pills. I trained as a pharmaceutical chemist, years ago. I always wanted to help people. Well, here was my chance!

After working for what seemed to only be about an hour, my stomach started feeling empty. I looked up at the clock on the lab wall and realized, with a shock, that over five hours had flown by! I had long passed the point of my day where I always needed another potion to keep me upbeat. Here I was happier than I had been in years, and I was free from the effects of any and all potions! With the adrenaline rush that ensued, I began working again, with a fervor that I hadn’t possessed since grad school!

My concentration was broken, however, when the alarms on the walls started flashing and making the most hideous wailing noise. The General rushed in, looked at me dead in the eyes, and said…

The End

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