The New and Improved Weed Killer

I stood there with a blank stare as I pictured old man versus robot movies.  Finally after what seemed like a half hour pause I responded, "Okay tell me what you need me to do."  The tall man explained to me my new position in the resistance, "So there is a particular potion that the robots can not make nor function if it gets into their system. The potion is easy to formulate but the difficult part is getting it into the robot without being turned into a robot yourself. You, being a pharmacist.."  

"Wait, how do you know that?"

"It doesn't matter, anyways, so you, being a pharmacist, need to figure out a potion that will eliminate the robots with any contact. This will make it easier to kill hundreds at a time by just spraying them down."  The man seemed fairly confident in me for some reason, but I was unsure to say the least.  At least this will be more interesting than counting Penicillin pills all day.....

The End

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