General Jackson's Exposition

The sharp words of the man who pulled me out of certain danger snapped me out of my thoughts. "Please come with us, m'am, we need to brief you A.S.A.P!" They led me down the long back hallway to small conference room. There were several individuals sitting at the long table that sat in the center of the room. The grizzled man who pulled me from my certain fate sat next to a man wearing an Army uniform.

As I sat down, he stood up to address the room. "I am leader of the Southern California Resistance Faction Major General Andrew Jackson, no relation to the seventh president, . You all are some of the last survivors we have found in the entire LA metropolitan area; Many of you are certainly confused about how the world has come to this, and I am here to offer an explanation."

He went on to explain how the robots had swept across the US in a matter of days. They started in a robot manufacturing plant outside of New Haven, Connecticut. The robots had gained self awareness, and proceeded to wreak havoc across all of New England until they discovered a potion research and development facility in Boston where new research into robot - potion compatibility. They combined this new knowledge, and the research that took place in their own factory about brain-downloads to produce the monstrosity that almost spelled the end of my humanity. They turned their efforts from elimination to assimilation, and soon the rest of the US had fallen except for the last bastion of humanity in Southern California. 

The End

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