Rumors Proven True

     "The resistance?" I asked with surprise.  After all, just a few minutes ago, these robots taking over was just a rumor.  For years, I heard of rumors of this "takeover" starting in small towns in the northeast corner of the United States.  "Yes, resistance to the takeover.  These robots have finally reached Los Angeles," answered the man.  Shocked to hear this, I yelled, "Does this mean the rest of the United States has been taken over by robots?"  Unanimously, they replied, "yes."

    Apparently, this resistance team has been tracking the robots for the last five years.  They set up special resistance teams in each city as the robots move forward.  However, the resistance teams haven't quite been able to resist these monsters of robots.  California is the last hope the United States has.  Because of this, the resistance team headquarters are bringing in as many people as possible, me being one of them.  Looks like I'm going to be fighting robots until I turn into one.  With all of this hanging over my head, one thought enters my head, "Am I ready for this?"

The End

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