The robot drew closer and closer, but I was paralyzed by fear and the thoughts running through my head. As it reached its hand out towards my throat, I was pulled out of the way with just seconds to spare. The man pulled me around the corner into a dark alleyway and then in through a hidden door. The room was dark and I couldn't see much, but at least I was off the street. The man flicked a switch and the room was illuminated. 

That was the first time I saw his face. The man who had saved me from certain death. He had a large scar running down the side of his face, no doubt a wound from one of the robots. He told me to follow him to meet the others. We went through one hallway, down some stairs, through another hallway and finally into another dimly lit room. They were all standing there, all fifteen of them. The one who saved me finally spoke and said, "We are the resistance."

The End

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