iRobot Remake

“What’s going on?!”  she asked.

The building was filled with robots.  Robots everywhere.  Once she walked in, the entire crown turned around to look at her.  Their once blue eyes were now fiery red.  Something was definitely not right.

She turned and headed for the double doors where she originally came in.  She pushed but they did not budge.  One of the robots walked up to her and spoke in short sentences.

“Human.  Not one of us.  Must be eliminated,” the robot said as he reached for her throat.  She ducked down just in time as the robot shattered the door behind her.

She cried out in fear and once she realized what was happening, she turned and jumped as quickly as she could through the door screaming for help.

All was quiet outside.  All was peaceful.  Too quiet.  Too peaceful.  She made a dash for her car but right before she got to her car, one of the robots jumped in front of her.

“Not one of us.  Not one of us,” it chanted.

She turned around and saw what she dreaded to see.

The End

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