Mind Control

I was pondering that question, “What could possibly go wrong?”   Honestly, I couldn’t even find any answer to that question.  If anyone can get up and out of bed to work no problem, then life has to be excellent.  It was only 9 in the morning when I began my day at the office and I was happy as I could possibly be.  Because everyone’s emotions can be toyed with by a simple command, it was very rare to find someone unhappy.  Today’s date was October 1, 2050; the advancement of technology was outstanding.  Not only are people’s emotions being controlled by simple commands, they can also teleport via checkpoints stationed around the city.  Additionally, anybody in the middle class or higher has their own personal robot that would do anything on command.  What was also so special about this robot is that it can be controlled by someone’s mind and thought processes.     

The End

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