Mind Eutopia

A good dystopian romp through a field of dreams

This week's great opening chapter courtesy of Clarice Cather:

Mind Eutopia

                Nela could tell the sun was up before she even opened her eyes.  As she gained full consciousness she could feel the sun burning through the window of her bedroom, hot and bright on her eyelids.  She groaned and, keeping her eyes shut, commanded, “Dark.”  The window obeyed and tinted itself to a dark brown shade, blocking the sun enough for Nela to finally open her eyes.  She sat up on her bed and stretched, letting herself hold onto the memories of last night’s dream.  What a great idea it had been to drink Adventure before bed.  Perhaps she would try Love for tonight’s dream; have a romance played through her head as she slept. That might be nice.  For now, though, it was time for work. 
                Nela groaned, then reached for the small device beside her bed.  It was a small black box with a spout on one end and a speaker on the top.  She spoke into the speaker: “Make me want to go to work today.”  A thin gray liquid poured out from the spout and into a cup that Nela held under it.  She drank the liquid and finally stood up from her bed.  In a matter of seconds, she began to change.  Her eyes opened, her mind focused.  Work wasn’t so bad…in fact, it will be great today!! “I really can’t wait to go to work today…what on earth was I so upset about??” She mumbled to herself.
                 In a society where man has even conquered control of his emotions, what could possible go wrong?

The End

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