So far so good

someone going on holiday catching a plane and something happens


“I thought that I should give people a little opening on what the story is about it is a true story and has happened over and over again throughout the past 8 years for every time we go it is such a magical feeling ...”


When you go to bed the night before you go to Jersey you are filled with excitement and you wish tomorrow would come early.

And finally when that tomorrow comes you wake up at the crack of dawn and you are filled with excitement and you feel like it will take forever to get there but it’s only a matter of something like 5 hours and then your there.

So you go off in your car driven by Tommy or Martin and you have that thrill in your body whilst watching a DVD and you pass lorries and cars and your car is packed with clothes and you feel like a celebrity who is going on her privet jet to somewhere and then you see that sign the one that says “Birmingham  airport” and you head for it and you see that sign again that says “  welcome to Birmingham airport” and then you see another sign saying “ Arrivals” and you get a trolley and then you say good bye and that’s when your story begins   




Chapter One – Arrivals                                                                                             


When you get the trolley from the trolley park you often think why you have to pay a pound and then you realise that actually they are trying to make a living and that’s when you realise that actually you are going on holiday today and that this is real, you look around and think I’m going on holiday, without taking a blink you feel like you’re in a whole different world with people speaking different languages from Polish to Indian, and then if you don’t do quick check in when you are at home you can be in great trouble because there you are waiting in a line until you here your “Next” and then you go check in realise that your bag is just under the weight and then you go into dreaded customs...


The End

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