Felix: Rielle

We sat outside upon the great lawn that sprawled in front of the mansion, basking in the warmth of the sun and admiring Nature.

I brought out my own sketch pad and said "Today, sketch how you feel."

I could feel Rielle's eyes on me. She always seemed to be staring at me for some reason. I never said anything but sometimes it made me a feel a little self-conscious, a little shy (even though there is no reason for a tutor to be afraid of one student).  

I worried sometimes when she was too affectionate. I enjoyed the way she was always so friendly to me but she went a little further than that and I worried for her own sake. It really wouldn't be wise or healthy for her to admire a teacher so greatly - she should spend more time with her own friends. I liked her a little more than I should but I knew I could be professional and display it as teacherly concern for the pupil.

After about an hour, I asked "May I see what you've done?"

"Of course," she said brightly and she bounded over bouncily and handed me her sketch pad.

The drawing was beautiful. Rielle was such a wonderful artist. Upon the page was the sun in a multicoloured sky and clouds in the shape of love hearts and ... was that a bow and arrow? Lots of bright, happy colours were used and in my opinion this was one of Rielle's best pieces but ... it seemed to me that the artwork was a little too inspired.

"What mood is this conveying, Rielle?" I asked, carefully since I didn't mean to offend or upset her.

Rielle blushed. "A sort of ... dreamy mood, Felix. And happy."

I looked at her searchingly. Maybe she was just dreamy and happy. "It's very good," I told her, handing her back the sketch pad and showing her my own.

The picture was of a tree with branches embracing a young man who was meant to represent me.

"That's really good," she said smiling. "What mood were you in?"

"I felt comfortable and secure. Safe, I suppose."

"Oh no, you're never safe here," Rielle said grinning. "We, the Facaute family,  have many secrets."

She winked in a way that made me feel awkward, like she was being intimate with me.

I took back the drawing and said "Go and draw some part of Nature, now. See if you can spot any squirrels or rabbits."

Rielle smiled. "Okay," she said happily. There was almost the compliancy of the lovestruck about her. I watched her as she wandered off and sighed. I really hoped there was nothing in my suspicions.

The End

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