S.C.E - Skeleton - Pt3

Frightened that the island of Little Sabaru was home to such a dreaded class of animals as dinosaurs, he frantically searched the two explorer’s camp to find an address or a name of the place where he could send the picture and hopefully get help!

After searching for roughly 25 minutes he found a piece of paper stapled into the front of Desmond Rankin’s journal saying the name and address of where the two explorers would send their findings.

The Chief took the note along with the photo and placed it gently into an envelope as to not smudge the photograph of the dinosaur.

He addressed it to

The Royal Geographic Society

15 Park Lane


United Kingdom

He took the envelope containing the explorers note and picture back to his village and waited there until the mail steamer came

Back in the Tree house Desmond and Gerard had just been getting acquainted with Captain John Granger who was telling them about his years of studying these fascinating inhabitants of the hidden valley.

‘Are you hungry?’ asked Captain John hospitably

‘Very’ answered Desmond and Gerard together

Captain John went to the meat safe and peered into an empty space

‘Oh Dear we are out of fresh meat’ said Captain John with a worried expression on his face

‘We will have to make do with some slices of smoked troodon with some bamboo hearts and mixed berries at least they’re fresh!’

The meal was surprisingly tasty especially when followed by coffee which Rankin and Landers had brought in their packs.

It was an especial treat for Captain John who had run out of coffee at least a year ago!

The following morning after a comfortable night in hammocks rigged up by Captain John from jungle vines, they were taken on a tour of the immediate surroundings of the tree house.

Captain John showed them the clever water supply to the tree house that he had made using hollow bamboo sticks as pipes from the waterfall to a pool at the foot of the tree. There was also a functional latrine served by plenty of windows to guard against any surprise approach by animals.

Captain John took Desmond and Gerard on a patrol round his many pit traps to see if there were any newly killed animals providing fresh meat.

On this occasion they were fortunate; two of the traps contained small dinosaurs which Desmond and Gerard helped Captain John to retrieve.

They butchered the kill some way from the traps, in the undergrowth and

then set off for the tree house. Before they got there however, they heard the, by now, familiar sound of Tyrannosaurus Rex footsteps approaching.

‘Quick’ said Captain John ‘throw some of the meat onto the path to hold it up for a while, whilst we get the rest back to the tree house’.

When they had managed to struggle up the ladder carrying the joints of meat Captain John made a remark to the effect that they had managed to hold on to most of the fresh meat ‘ I told you he was a big bully ‘

That night they feasted on fresh dinosaur steaks grilled with herbs and fresh berries.

The next morning, they started the day with a council of war, to decide what they all wanted to do in the future. Desmond and Gerard asked Captain John whether he wanted to come back with them when they went home or whether he felt he still had exploring to do in the hidden valley.  He said he would stay, at least for the foreseeable future, to study, identify and list the many types of dinosaur which he had seen in his exploration of the valley and attempt to explain why they had survived when dinosaurs had died out in all other parts of the world.  What was special in the valley?  His biggest worry was that the existence of the valley became well known and that there would be an influx of tourists and, even worse, big-game hunters. 

The End

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