S.C.E - Skeleton - Pt2

 After they’d eaten a meal, Desmond, who was the photographic expert, retired to the spare tent, which had been equipped with their photographic chemicals and developed the photo’s they had taken in the cave.  The photographs turned out well and it certainly looked as though the animal was a dinosaur.  They discussed their meeting with what should have been an extinct animal and talked about what they should do next.


They decided that they would make a further expedition into the cave on the following day, taking along, as a precaution, wood and pitch torches, which they could use to frighten off any dinosaurs they might meet.

 Next morning, they gathered their equipment and weapons together and entered   the cave mouth again.


They walked carefully forward, listening all the time, for noises which might suggest the approach of one of the so-called ‘Fearsome Beasts’.  But, by the time they reached the previous extent of their exploration, they had met nothing, and had merely seen many more bones, scattered about the cave floor.  After travelling for a while, they began to detect a faint light ahead of them!

Soon this turned out to be a large cavern.

Sunlight streamed into the cavern mouth revealing a large valley.

A waterfall fell into a pool on the other side of the valley, also a rather magnificent tree, supporting what appeared to be a solid-looking tree house!

This was totally unexpected, but curious as they were they decided to make this their first objective.

They followed a definite path, from the cave mouth towards the tree house, keeping a very wary lookout for animals.

When they got within a couple of hundred metres of the ladder up to the tree house they felt, rather than heard, the rapid footsteps of a large animal, approaching them, at speed.  As it rounded the corner, they saw it was a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Without hesitation, they ran for the ladder and mounted swiftly, to what they felt would be a safe height.

Standing on the platform in front of the tree house proper, they looked down at the dinosaur, which peered up at them, giving them the full benefit of its horrendous set of teeth. 

‘I see you’ve met the local bully’, said a voice behind them.  They turned round and saw a tall, well-built man, of about forty.  He was wearing a faded pair of jodhpurs, with a khaki shirt.  His hair was blonde, much faded by exposure to the tropical sun.  His blue eyes, suggested he was possessed of a healthy sense of


‘Welcome to my humble abode’, he said.  ‘I’m Captain John Granger ‘.  ‘I was beginning to think that the world had forgotten about me!’  ‘We heard about this cave and when we got here the headman gave us your journal’, We are Desmond Rankin and Gerard Landers, incidentally, from London.


Meanwhile, back at the camp, the headman from Tibaru had arrived to check on what progress they were making.  Unfortunately, all he found was a deserted camp, with however a note pinned to one of the tent poles which read


15th August 1928


Setting off to explore cave.  Have found indications that the Fearsome

Beasts are dinosaurs, (see photograph).  Do not know how long we shall

Be gone. Do not worry about us.

Rankin & Landers.

The End

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