So Called Extinct - Skeleton

Two explorers arrive on an island because they had heard of a cave called ‘Cave of fearsome animals’ in the native language. They go to native village and speak to the chief of the village who warns them that explorers in the past have not returned to the village after going into the cave.

The chief gives them a journal, which one of the villagers found by the mouth of the cave at an old campsite.

It was getting dark by the time they climbed up to the cave so they pitched their tents ready for the morning.

In the middle of the night the two explorers were awoken by a loud roaring down in the depths of the cave. There was no way they were going to investigate in the middle of the night.

After a hearty breakfast they sat down on a log in the early sunshine to see what they could learn from Captain John Granger’s Journal.

They read that Captain Granger journeyed like them, to the neighbouring Island

of Great Sabaru and persuaded a native to bring him across in his fishing boat, with his stores, to the island of Little Sabaru. After setting up a camp near the village of Tibaru, and hunting for fresh meat, he rested overnight before planning his exploration of the cave. Like them, he had heard of the reputation of the cave and heard the mysterious noises from within.   On his first day, he satisfied himself with a short trip into the cave mouth, where he came across the bones of many animals scattered over the cave floor.  After entering a full description of the day into his journal, he prepared his equipment for the next day, to carry out a deeper investigation of the cave. The next day, he took food, a strong torch and his trusty rifle and set off.  At this point, his journal comes to a premature end.


They decided that that they would make a deeper expedition into the cave the next morning, in the meantime they thought about what precautions they should take to avoid sharing the same fate as Captain Granger and the other explorers.

It seemed that the real problem was that they didn’t know what PROBLEMS they were likely to face…   They felt that a step-by-step approach was advisable, with a first priority to identify what means of defence were likely to be necessary.  Photographs of the animals would allow them to identify them and then formulate a plan of defence.  They had brought with them good flash cameras, suitable for use in caves and these would be essential in a first meeting with anything which might be dwelling in the cave.

So, they packed all their equipment for the following morning had a meal and retired for the night.  Again, during the night, they heard the same terrible roaring noise they’d heard from within, the previous night.  Early the next morning they had a light breakfast and, leaving a note for the chief of the village, they set off into the depths of the cave.  The first unusual thing they saw was that the walls of the cave were covered with drawings of men hunting and killing what, incredibly, looked like dinosaurs.  Desmond took photos for studying later and pushed on further into the cave.


At first, all was quiet, then suddenly, they heard the noise of loud approaching footsteps.  It sounded as though whatever was making them was larger than any they had come across in their previous experience.  After making further progress into the cave, they found huge footprints, which they photographed and measured, recording the sizes in their journal.    By now, the floor of the cave was littered with bones, most of them bearing the marks of having been gnawed by huge teeth.  Whatever was responsible was certainly of a larger size than a normal predator.  They decided that, having photographed the evidence in front of them, that they had better take precautions to defend themselves against anything they might meet further in.  They unslung their rifles and made sure that they had plenty of ammunition in them.

A tearing noise reached their ears from right ahead.  It sounded as though the animal was ripping its food apart with great gusto.

Desmond reached for the camera slung round his neck, while Gerard held his rifle in front of him, ready to shoot, if necessary.   They peered carefully around the next corner and were astounded to dimly see what looked like the outline of a dinosaur.


It was eating the flesh of what looked like another smaller dinosaur, perhaps a parasaurolophus.  Where are all these so-called extinct animals coming from?  How are they surviving, particularly the herbivores?  There must be more to their habitat  than this gloomy cave!

They decided that they should at least have a photographic record of their meeting with this so-called extinct beast.  However, they must have made a noise as they were creeping forward, for the dinosaur or what they thought was a dinosaur raised its head from its meal and roared.  They were almost deafened and their natural instinct was to run.  They held their ground and forced themselves to look into its cold eyes.  When the creature made a first move towards them, Desmond instinctively took a photograph, with the intention of beating a hasty retreat.  However, when the flashgun went off, it stopped the animal in its tracks and it then, to their surprise, turned and ran off into the depths of the cave.

Having decided that they had made good progress in their work, they decided to retrace their steps to the campsite and compile their journals for the day.

The End

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