Chapter Six - Part OneMature

Jealousy, to me, is probably one of the worst things a teenage girl can feel. I know I'm being a little melodramatic but I almost forgot how it felt to feel these emotions. It's such a tiresome part of being alive, I assumed it would all disappear when you died. Apparently not though.

I watched you and Hot Guy walk off, hand in hand, towards school. Heaving a sigh, I began to follow.

'Alena.' Finch called after me. Lucky for him, nobody was around or else he'd get a bit of a reputation for being a psycho who talks to himself. 

'Hi Finch,' I mutter glumly. 

He follows my line of sight and laughs. 'Craving what you can't have?'

'I wouldn't put it like that,' I frown. 'I've only seen the guy once for like five seconds. I don't crave him.'

'But you still can't have him. Sucks being dead I guess?'

'You have no idea. Hey how was your date last night?'

'Yeah it went really well thanks. She's so nice.'

'Good, I'm so happy for you.' 

I decided to cut the small talk and just jump straight to the point that had been bothering me for days. It had become more potent right now though, seeing you and your boyfriend.

'Have you found anything yet? About "paranormal phenomena"?' 

'Not yet,' he sighed. 'I tried going through some of my dad's stuff but he came home before I could really find anything.'

'No worries! I'm relatively optimistic. I know something will come along!'

The school bell's high shrill ring breaks through our conversation. There's one thing I haven't missed. 

'I'll see you later, yeah?' 

I wave Finch off before contemplating what to do for the next six and a half hours.

The End

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