Chapter Five - Part TwoMature

You pounced on me as soon as I crossed the threshold. 

'Where have you been?' 

Just.. for a walk. 

'You had me so worried! I thought something bad had happened to you. I thought you'd disappeared forever.'

I appreciate your concern, but I only needed to clear my head, get a bit of fresh air y'know. Feel the wind on my skin and everything. Oh wait...

You sighed. 'Just please let me know next time you're gonna go gallivanting off again okay?'

Sure. Sorry that I worried you.

'It's fine,' you smile. 'Sorry for my little outburst earlier. We should probably, well I should probably get some sleep. School tomorrow.'

Ah yes that wonderful building filled the enthusiasm and joy for learning that nearly cripples us all. Fantastic.

* * *

I saw Finch hanging by the main entrance to the school, chatting on his phone. He looked happy; the date had obviously gone well. I was pleased for him, really, I was. There was a large flow of students pouring into the main double doors all with the same facial expressions of a brick. Needless to say, delight did not run wild in this school.

I drifted behind you and your friends, ready to endure the same torture as I had when I was alive. 

I spotted the extremely hot guy hovering by the entrance, just a few meters away from Finch. He appeared to be looking out for someone. A girl no doubt. Whoever she was, she was extremely lucky. He really was so good looking. 

Life can be so cruel sometimes. Even in death I hadn't found perfect happiness. The world is a fucked up place.

We suddenly changed direction; instead of following the flow of students, we veered off sharply to the right. I began to wonder where we were heading until I actually paid attention.

We were heading right towards Finch. Maybe you wanted to catch up with him, see how his research had gone. 

Finch looked up and smiled at me. I was by myself though, you had all completely blanked Finch and were stood next to someone else.

The hot guy. What were you...


You greeted him with a big kiss and he pulled you into his arms.



The End

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