Chapter Five - Part OneMature

We come to a stop outside the cinema while he waits for his girlfriend. There's a new horror being shown and he reckons it'll be the perfect opportunity to act all macho and let his girlfriend cower into him, just like they do in all the movies.

What if she's braver than you?

'Impossible,' he scoffs. 

I'm tempted to stick around just to see how it goes...

'No!' he protests, eyes wide. 

Like I would waste my valuable infinite time spying on you and your date. I have better things to do. I should probably go check if Melinda is okay. We didn't exactly part on good terms. Good luck with your date tonight. 

'Thanks,' he smiled. 'I'll see you around?'

If you're lucky.

* * * *

I don't go straight back to your house because I'm too cowardly. I don't want to face you just yet, not when you're so angry with me. I'm not used to sorting through my problems, normally I just kind of run away from them. I guess nothing changes when you die. Well, it probably does for other people. Less selfish, more selfless people.

I've never really been a very good friend, I know that now. I've always put my needs ahead of everyone else's. People weren't really afraid to tell me what they thought of me but I just laughed it all off. Acted like it didn't hurt me. 

Enough of this emotional crap. Time to face the problem and deal with it head on.

The End

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