Chapter Four - Part ThreeMature

'It all seems a bit pointless if you ask me.' Jade says to break the silence that night. Her and Lucie felt obliged to come straight over to check if their best friend was okay after your 'traumatic ordeal' (their words, not mine). Personally, I thought you handled yourself okay. I was the one who suffered the most.

I am never, ever going to get that image out of my mind. Seriously. I thought ghosts were supposed to look their best?

'Ghosts aren't very helpful...' she went on.

'So all they said was to look elsewhere basically?' Lucie pouted. I rolled my eyes.

Tell your friends to stop stating the obvious. It's getting tedious.

You completely ignore me. 'I don't think it was pointless... I think. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I caught a brief glimpse of something while Alena was interrogating the spirit.'

Interrogating? Interesting choice of words seeing how you conjured the bloody thing in the first place.

'What was it?'

You shake your head at Lucie. 'I don't really know. It was like a sort of...I don't want to say vision, but an image.' You cast a nervous glance in my direction. I raise an eyebrow.

Please, if you have something to say by all means spill it. I won't care.

'It was Alena.' You say this bluntly. 'She was in trouble. Big trouble.'

Uh hello? I'm dead? What more trouble could I get in?

'It was weird. You were there, but you weren't there. You had this vacant expression and your eyes were all white. You were like a zombie. A zombie ghost. You just weren't there. It was like you ceased to exist.'

The End

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