Chapter Four - Part TwoMature

I don't even have time to be frightened before something materializes in front of me.

'I felt that this form was more appropriate. Speaking through the body of your friend didn't seem right.' Their voice is thick, almost unrecognizable.

Well, at least they have morals.

As I get a better look at whatever's in front of me, I have to bite my lip to stop from screaming. Their skin is burnt horribly, beyond recognition. One of their eyes has been swallowed up beneath red raw flesh, their lip has been cut open and has swollen to double the normal size. Limp, lifeless hair hangs bedraggled from a scalp covered with cuts and bruises. A deep gash runs from behind their ear, crossing over the collarbone to just above their right shoulder. I see bits of white beneath the vivid red blood.

I'm suddenly wishing that they would go back and possess Melinda's body again.

'Gruesome isn't it? It's amazing what people you love would do to you to seek revenge.'

Seek revenge?

'They thought that I was in love with another man. So, they beat me half to death and set the house on fire.' 

Did they ever get caught?

'The authorities did not catch him. Karma did though. He drove his car into a lake and drowned. Seems apt. Fire and water. The killers of mankind.'

I love what an awkward turn this conversation has taken but I don't say this out loud. It would suck if I was stuck here forever.

I'm just going to come right out and say it. I need help. I'm stuck on Earth and have no way of crossing over. 

'Why did you seek the help of a ghost such as myself?'

I don't think it was specific... Melinda conjured up some spirit to help and I guess you were the first she connected to? I don't know how it works.

'I'm sorry I cannot help you. The answer you seek does not lie within me. You need to look closer.'

How cryptic. How many times have I heard that on a movie? Is that answer going to painfully obvious?

'You're looking in all of the wrong places. You need to look not for help, but for something entirely different. Good luck.'

The End

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