Chapter Four - Part OneMature

Everything gets a little bit strange after that.

Your eyes are shut and you're really concentrating. Your lips are moving slightly; you're muttering words under your breath and your head is tilted back. I'm staring at you, absolutely intrigued to see what on earth is going to happen. I have to admit to myself it's like something from a bad horror movie. I'm expecting your eyes to fly open and I find you're suddenly possessed by the devil.

Something cheesy like that.

The candlelight seems to burn brighter, reaching higher. The temperature in the room has plummeted and it becomes incredibly cold. You don't seem fazed though, in fact you don't seem to be aware of anything.

It's at the point that I'm beginning to seriously question your 'normality' when it happens.

The darkness threatens to make another guest appearance again, throbbing at the edges of my vision. 

Melinda? What's going on?

You frown. Your eyes do fly open then, but they're not like your normal eyes. They've very flat. And very, very dark.

When you speak, your voice is monotonous: 'Little girl. Do you realize what you have messed with?'

One thing you should know about me is that when I'm nervous, I do laugh. So when I'm faced with a possessed best friend who's conjuring up spirits and ghosts to help me cross to the "otherside" all I can do is burst out laughing. It's childish, disrespectful and utterly embarrassing. But I cannot help it. The whole thing is so absurd and cliche.

'You dare to laugh in the face of the dead?'

I'm sorry. I literally can't help it. It's a bad reaction. 

I sober up instantly as I realize the severity of the situation. 

'What is the reason for all of this?'

Honestly, I'm not sure where to start. It was mainly Melinda's idea but I didn't know she would be absent during this part... So I guess I'll start with the basics. I'm sort of...dead. Not sort of. Definitely. I'm definitely dead. But I'm stuck here, on Earth. We kind of need your help. See the thing -

Before I can say anymore, a horrible metallic screech fills the room and I'm swallowed in the darkness.

The End

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